Vindictus is the principal antagonist of the Sci-Fi Music canon. He is the most powerful being in Existence (pre-Slasher Musik Saga), and is known to the people of Earth-Prime as God. He also is the only known human who has complete access to his soul, and can manipulate its properties and abilities as he sees fit.


I. Japetus and Almitas

Vindictus was the first human being born into Existence. His parents, Japetus (Father) and Almitas (Mother) were both Piereus. Previously, as Novitans, Japetus and Almitas were both world government scientists. They kept their relationship a secret, due to the Novitan World Government’s Affinity Clause (Government employees were not allowed to have romantic relationships with each other). Linius invited both of them to join the Novis Intilis’ fateful journey that ended in the Time Dimension.

As the appointed head of the Piereus Council, Linius re-established the Affinity Clause, and applied it to all Piereus. He feared that if two of the cosmic beings were to reproduce, the result would be an immensely powerful being that could not be controlled.  However, despite the Affinity Clause, Japetus and Almitas continued their secret relationship. The only Piereus who was aware of their relationship was Japetus’ mentor, general, and best friend, Orcus.

The Perlecti had free rein of the entire Time Plane of Existence. Nobody knew it’s hidden crevasses better than Orcus, Japetus, and Almitas. For instance, they knew that the Time Dimension's Parallel Platform had a blindspot near Finus Terminus. This blindspot was due to a small black hole that absorbed any nearby light and mass. An anomaly existed just outside the event horizon’s gravitational field of this black hole: a small dwarf planet.

The Perlecti merely called this planet “Headquarters”, and used it as a covert base to plan raids out of sight of the Piereus Council’s prying eyes. Headquarters was also the place where Japetus and Almitas enjoyed an open romance. Perlecti took care of Perlecti, so they wouldn’t have to worry about anyone telling the Piereus Council. That all changed once Almitas found out that she was pregnant.

By this time, the Perlecti had become corrupt and power-hungry. The Piereus Council had begun to hear whispers of their misdeeds, but turned a blind eye to it. The council trusted Orcus to keep the continuity of Time preserved, so they believed that it sometimes took unsavory methods to achieve that goal. However, there was one Perlecti-in-training amongst their ranks who had begun to feel morally compromised; a young Piereus named Spatium.

Spatium went to his mentor, Linius, and told him of the Perlecti’s covert activities. At first, Linius dismissed him, and willfully ignored the Perlecti’s activities, until Spatium informed him of Almita’s pregnancy. Linius immediately held an emergency Council meeting, where the Council informed Spatium that it was his sworn duty to bring Japetus and Almitas back to the Time Dimension to face a tribunal for violating the Affinity Clause. Spatium returned to Headquarters and delivered this message to Orcus.

Orcus wanted to murder Spatium, but knew that he had to bide his time. Therefore, Orcus agreed to inform Japetus and Almitas of the Council’s orders. However, unknown to Spatium, in his absence, Almitas had delivered a healthy baby boy. This child was the first to be concieved by two Piereus. He didn’t have any Novitan features, but he had the green eyes of a Piereus. Orcus’ tests revealed that he was born with Cosmic DNA, therefore the child’s Cosmic Awareness was natural, and could not be removed.

Almitas named the child, Vindictus. His new species would eventually be known as human (shortened from “hued-man”), due to the strange brown-ish hue of his skin tone. Orcus recruited the Perlecti pilot, Domini, to flee with the child to a covert lair that lay within the Event Horizon of the nearby black hole. This same lair would become Domini’s personal headquarters, and is the same lair that was mentioned in the epilogue of the Darth Prefectus Saga:

“Surrounding his lair was a complex anti-gravitational field called the Grid Dome. The Grid Dome was situated in between two Nebulan gates which functioned as a temporary safeguard in case the Grid Dome failed…”  

- Sci-Fi Music: Darth Prefectus Saga

Orcus, a brilliant strategist known for his contingency plans, tasked Domini with Vindictus’ survival. He knew that if they stood before the Council with Vindictus, Linius would destroy the child, and the Perlecti would not let that happen without a fight. They would not let the Council hand down judgement on one of their own. Orcus told Japetus and Almitas of his plan. Upon Domini’s departure, the trio decided to keep the contingency plan a secret between the three of them, while telling the Perlecti a concocted story.

Before the Perlecti left Headquarters to face the tribunal, Orcus solemnly told his subordinates that Domini was a traitor. He explained how, “Japetus had caught Domini trying to kidnap Vindictus and bring him before the Council, in order to spare himself.” Continuing his lie, he said, “Japetus and Domini struggled, and unfortunately, young Vindictus was murdered by Domini during this struggle. That’s when Japetus murdered Domini, by incinerating the traitor where he stood.”

The lie served a double purpose. It would not only motivate the Perlecti to seek revenge against the Council, but also create a false narrative of Vindictus’ death. Instead of killing Spatium before facing the council, Orcus decided that he would make the young Piereus watch the melee, before he killed Spatium with his own hands. Unfortunately for Orcus, he didn’t know that after being briefed by Spatium, the Council had decided to disband the Perlecti, and had been prepared for their revolt.

With the entire Perlecti division in attendance, the tribunal convened. Japetus and Almitas were escorted to the Council’s pulpit by two Piereus guards. Once they both stood in front of the council, two transparent carbon fiber barriers rose up from the floor; one barrier blocked the exit,  and the other separated the Perlecti from the Council.

Linius began the proceedings with one question:

“Japetus and Almitas, you have been charged with violating the Affinity Clause. Do either of you deny these charges?”

“No,” Japetus answered. “But, we ask that you spare our Perlecti brethren the fate that you have in store for…”

Linius nodded at the two Piereus guards. They returned his nod before shooting Japetus and Almitas with two atomizers, reducing the pair to ashes.

“This will serve as a reminder, and a warning to all Piereus,” Linius proclaimed, “Cosmic laws must not be broken. We are the guardians of the Time plane’s most powerful secrets. Therefore, we must hold our own kind accountable when these laws are violated. The continuity of Time must not be violated. If it is, justice will be swift, and without mercy.”

As Linius finished his statement, three vents within the Perlecti’s enclosure opened, ushering in billions of hungry cerefex. Orcus and his Perlecti were powerless to do anything except for listen as the Council handed down their judgement:

“For your part in this cover-up, Orcus, the Perlecti unit is hereby disbanded. All of you will spend the rest of eternity in a state of immobility, trapped inside of a cosmic prison of our own creation known as the Emorti Dimension.”

Linius continued, “I discovered a hidden entrance to a pocket dimension, hidden inside of my own laboratory, in the sub-levels of the Time Dimension. There was a warning inscribed onto the entrance, with a message from our predecessors, who once inhabited the Time Dimension. The message text pointed me to a reference code hidden within the schematics of the Deus Infero. In reality, the reference code was a password to a manual.”

“This manual proved how advanced the race who proceeded us here were. They actually created a pocket dimension that existed in between time and space, similar to the Time Dimension. This dimension was originally created as a habitat for bothersome creatures called cerefex, microscopic parasites that feed on the electric pulses that are emitted by any living being’s brain…”

Orcus and the Perlecti would spend over thirty-five billion years as prisoners of the Emorti Dimension. However, Linius decided to release them upon realizing that there was an even bigger threat to the continuity of Time; a fast-evolving species, which seemed to appear out of nowhere.

A species called human beings.

II. Enter Vindictus

Domini kept Vindictus hidden in his lair for thousands of years. He realized early in the child’s life that Vindictus would become more powerful than any other known being in the Time Plane. Not only was he born with Cosmic Awareness, but Vindictus also had an almost undetectable, cosmic entity attached to his existence. This entity harnessed a massive, and nearly unlimited, amount of cosmic energy. Its “brain” could also store an infinite amount of information and knowledge.

Domini named the connected entity Vindictus’ Cosmic Soul. It took Domini and Vindictus three millennia of study and research to harness the soul’s true power:

Vindictus Powers & Abilities

  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Chyda & Malus-level Faculties of Sight
  • Cosmic Soul-Based Powers
  • Soul Energy Absorption
  • Soul Input
  • Soul Banishment
  • Soul Trap
  • Soul Healing
  • Soul Armor
  • Soul Insertion/Animation
  • Soul Transference
  • Soul Mirror
  • Soul Network
  • Soul Magnet
  • Soulkinesis
  • Diseased Soul
  • Inaccessible Soul
  • Weaponized Soul
  • Astral Projection
  • Third Eye
  • Third Destruction
  • Invisible Companion
  • Invisible Army
  • Subjective Subconscious
  • Apparition Physiology
  • Cerefex Repel
  • Energy Containment
  • Energy Release
  • Possession
  • Astral Combat
  • Apocalypse
  • Telepathy

Although Vindictus was uber-powerful, his potential power existed solely in his theories. Domini was not a scientist like Linius, therefore his research was limited until Vindictus grew older. Domini was in awe at Vindictus’ ability to absorb knowledge. By the time he was fifteen, Vindictus’ knowledge of Existence and science rivaled Linius’.

Domini planned his revenge against the Piereus Council by telling Vindictus the story of the Perlecti, and his parents, at a very young age. Vindictus’ hatred for the Piereus Council was embedded into his consciousness for most of his life. He used that hatred as motivation to learn more about his power and abilities. At age 30, he reached the maximum limit of his current power; but he theorized that the ceiling was actually much higher. However, as the only being in Existence with a soul, he could not test his theories. For that, he would need to somehow access the Deus Infero.

Vindictus secretly pondered this debacle for the next ten-thousand years. Finally, he believed he had a fool-proof plan. There was only one issue. Domini still saw himself as Vindictus’ teacher and mentor. That would have to change, because Domini was an instrumental part of Vindictus’ plan.

In order to prove his dominance, Vindictus attacked Domini. Domini fought a valiant battle using the best of his ability, but he was easily outmatched by his star pupil. After bringing him to the brink of death, Vindictus gave Domini a choice: death or submission. Domini submitted, and pledged his loyalty and allegiance to Vindictus.

Vindictus ordered Domini to murder the entire ruling body of Apratos, a planet inhabited by peaceful beings in an older multiverse existing within the Time plane. Vindictus knew that the Piereus would see the events unfold from the Parallel Platform. He also knew they believed that Domini was dead, so the Piereus Council would want to investigate in person. However, by the time the Council arrived, Domini wasn’t there.

The moment after he murdered the Apratos monarchy, Domini opened a wormhole to the Time Dimension. Vindictus’ plan was to obtain the schematics for the Deus Infero, using a cosmic soul ability that he called Soul Mirror. Vindictus commanded his soul to follow Domini to Apratos, and then to the Time Dimension. His soul didn’t need a wormhole to access any point in Existence, however, Vindictus knew that the Time Dimension existed in between Time and Space; therefore his soul would need Domini to find the pathway.

Vindictus knew that Domini would be confronted by the Piereus, in fact, he was counting on it. He would use the confrontation as a diversion for his soul to capture a mirror image of the Deus Infero’s schematics.

While the Piereus Council traveled to Apratos to investigate the murders, Spatium stayed behind to guard the Time Dimension. When he saw Domini’s wormhole open in the Time Dimension, and was shocked to see the Perlecti warrior. Spatium rushed to the Parallel Platform to warn the Piereus Council that the Time Dimension was under attack, but Domini stopped him before he was able to send the warning. Meanwhile, without leaving a footprint, Vindictus’ soul swiftly captured a mirror image of the Deus Infero’s schematics and returned to Vindictus.

The two Piereus continued to battle, resulting in Spatium defeating Domini. Upon returning to the Time Dimension, the Piereus Council interrogated Domini to no avail. Linius knew that Domini was not a strategist, so he pressed him to reveal the mastermind behind the diversion. However, Domini feared Vindictus more than the Piereus Council, so he stuck to his cover story:

“I’ve had thousands of years to plan this, Linius,” Domini spat. “But, I didn’t expect for Spatium to become so powerful…”

Finally, the Piereus Council banished Domini to the Emorti Dimension for eternity, with the rest of the Perlecti.

III. God

After obtaining the Deus Infero’s schematics, Vindictus spent the next thirty billion years trying to build a duplicate of the complex machine. He had never encountered this type of technology before. Vindictus realized that the guardians who preceded the Piereus had deliberately hidden portions of the complex schematics, to ensure that the Deus Infero could never be duplicated. These beings were far more advanced than himself. He set a new goal: to breach Finus Terminus and reach the Chaos Plane of Existence, where the beings now existed. With their knowledge and technology, Vindictus believed that he could conquer Existence and rebuild it in his own image.

Vindictus finally realized that he would never create an exact duplicate of the Deus Infero without the missing schematic portions. However, he could create his own version of the Deus Infero to serve his own purpose. He named his creation Creo Deux. The machine would prove to be instrumental in bringing Vindictus’ theories to life.

Billions of years earlier, Vindictus realized that his true power lay in his soul. However, that power would become exponentially increased if he could create a network of souls (Soul Network) that he could control. In order to do that, he needed to create more souls; albeit less powerful than Vindictus himself.  Using the Creo Deux, he analyzed his own soul and created six duplicates. He called these duplicates Archangels.   


  • Azrael
  • Moloch
  • Gabriel
  • Michael
  • Uriel
  • Barachiel

The Deus Infero’s schematics also contained a treasure trove of cosmic data. Within this data, Vindictus discovered that the advanced beings had a complete map of Existence. This map included every multiverse that existed within the Time and Chaos Planes of Existence, the Astral Plane, the Emorti Dimension, and hundreds of pocket dimensions that existed in between time and space, such as the Time Dimension. These pocket dimensions piqued Vindictus’ interest the most, because he could establish a base of operations away from the near-omnipotent sight of the Piereus.

Vindictus chose a pocket dimension that had an entrance near Finus Terminus. This way, he could keep a close eye on the Chaos Plane of Existence and his base near the Black Hole. He named this dimension Elisium, also known as Heaven to the human beings of Earth-Prime. His new home would be a barren planet within Elisium called Dux-Prime.

He quickly realized his error after creating the Archangels. While they were obedient and powerful enough to defeat most beings in Existence, they could not procreate. This meant that Vindictus would have to depend on the Creo Deux to create new souls to feed his power. Using this method, he calculated that it would take him trillions of years to reach his desired power level. This calculation motivated him to create a standalone module that could connect to the Creo Deux. This module’s only duty was to create a duplicate mold of his human body. Vindictus called this module the Demi-Mold.

Upon completion, the Creo Deux would attach a soul to the new human body inside of the Demi-Mold. However, Vindictus didn’t want to re-create himself. He didn’t want anyone in Existence to be as powerful as he was. He needed to create a hybrid species. After searching Existence for millennia (and creating over a thousand failed humanoid species), he found a planet in a distant solar system.

This planet already had hundreds of native species that were evolving on their own. But, there was one evolving species that attracted Vindictus. They resembled humans, but they were still beasts. He called the creatures Hominini

The only problem, in Vindictus’ eyes, were the much larger beasts that ruled the planet. There was no way for the Hominini to mass-populate, much less become the planet’s dominate species, as long as these huge beasts ruled the planet. Vindictus knew that he couldn’t intervene with the planet’s evolution without revealing his existence to the Piereus. Therefore, he focused his search elsewhere.

But, fate intervened. A massive black hole in a nearby dwarf galaxy imploded, creating an inescapable vacuum for anything within two million light years. The violent affair set off a chain reaction that caused thousands of stars to collide and release a massive amount of energy into the cosmos. No less than two trillion tons of cosmic debris and matter hurtled through open space at an immeasurable speed. Intergalactic barriers were breaches, and before long, some of that debris found its way into the Hominini planet’s solar system.

Vindictus observed this phenomenon with keen interest from his Dimensional Platform on Dux-Prime. He calculated the trajectory path of each large series of cosmic debris that entered the Hominini planet’s solar system. Most of the debris’ velocity had disappeared by the time it reached the planet’s solar system. The smaller objects became trapped by a large planet’s gravity within the solar system. That debris began to orbit the solar system’s star, settling in between its fourth and fifth nearest planets to form an asteroid belt.

There was one asteroid, with a diameter of 46.5 miles, that appeared to be on a collision course with the Hominini’s planet. Vindictus believed that this asteroid would destroy most, if not all, of the planet’s life. He knew that this was his opportunity. Using the cosmic destruction as cover, Vindictus sent Moloch, Gabriel, Uriel, and Michael to the planet, and ordered them to attach themselves to two males and two female homininis. This ability became known as possession.

Once the asteroid got close enough to begin to stir chaos on the planet, Vindictus believed that the Piereus wouldn’t be able to detect any odd occurrences on the planet’s surface. At that moment, Michael and Moloch opened a wormhole back to Dux-Prime, where Vindictus placed the homininis into the Demi-Mold one at a time. He introduced his own modified DNA into the Demi-Mold. These modifications included:

  • The new creations’ souls would continue to be immortal, providing Vindictus with a limitless source of power. However, their bodies would be finite.
  • They would not have Cosmic Awareness.
  • Their species survival would depend on a balance of resources that existed solely on their native planet. This was so Vindictus could concentrate the source of his power in one location. The hominini’s planet eventually would become Vindictus’ power battery.

Vindictus accurately calculated that .0001 percent of the new hybrid species’ DNA would contain abnormalities, due to the introduction of his DNA into their bodies. Most of these abnormalities would be physical or mental handicaps. However, an even smaller percentage of the species would have enhanced intelligence and awareness. They would be able to see and do things that no other human could do. These humans would come to be known as The Diligent.

As the humans reproduced, and their numbers grew, so would his power. Existence would guarantee that. For reasons that were beyond his cosmic knowledge, Existence had always created thousands of doppelganger-filled planets throughout the Time plane. There were duplicates of almost every species scattered among the billions of planets in the League of Multiverses. There were only two exceptions to this strange occurrence: the Piereus and himself. However, he knew the explanation to this phenomenon, and many more, lay beyond Finus Terminus in the Chaos Plane of Existence.

When their native planet began to become stable, he stirred the humans from their slumber and re-inserted them onto their native planet. The archangels served as their guardians and guides to their “new” surroundings, protecting them from predators and teaching them until they were able to survive on their own. The humans named their planet Earth, and began to reproduce and create languages. As they evolved, the human beings began to worship the Archangels, seeing their abilities, and believing them to be gods. This led to the creation of religion.

In order to avoid being detected by the Piereus, Vindictus avoided Earth at all costs. That decision would have a detrimental consequence.

Next to Michael, Molach was the most powerful Archangel. Against his fellow Archangels’ warnings, he began to influence the human’s actions, creating discord and causing war between the humans. At this time, the Piereus didn’t know that cosmic souls existed, therefore the Archangels went undetected on Earth for millions of years.

Vindictus realized that the humans were killing each other at an alarming pace. As the humans died, his power became stagnant. There was more murder than reproduction, which meant that new souls weren’t being created. After calling Michael to Dux-Prime to explain, Vindictus ordered the Archangel to bring Moloch to him immediately. However, Moloch refused. He knew Vindictus couldn’t come to Earth, therefore Molach believed himself to be safe from Vindictus’ wrath.

Vindictus sent his soul to Earth to capture Moloch, who had built a loyal following among the humans. Moloch was no match for Vindictus’ soul. He was easily captured, and taken to Dux-Prime. Vindictus ordered the remaining Archangels to bring Moloch’s followers to his throne world also. Moloch begged him to spare his life, which Vindictus did, only because Moloch was also a source of power for Vindictus.

However, Vindictus banished Moloch and his followers to a pocket dimension called Tartarus (Hell). Moloch gave each one of his followers a small piece of himself, for their loyalty. He became known by many names to the humans: Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Satan, and the Devil. His loyal followers were known as demons to the human race.

IV. The Grim Reaper and the Devil

Linius noticed how quickly the humans were evolving. They were still primitive, but there were an increasing number among them (The Diligent) who had the potential to become a threat to the continuity of Time. He knew that the primitive humans were not ready for cosmic knowledge at this stage in their evolution. This forced him to implement a radical plan that he had been considering.

The Council was in agreement. While Earth was not advanced enough to justify a permanent Piereus presence, the fast evolution of the young species presented a problem. The percentage of humans that were born as Diligent was increasing. At this rate, humanity would be as advanced as the Piereus within one million years. Yet, they were still plagued by menial issues such as war and greed. Their primitive brains weren’t ready for cosmic knowledge. The Council feared that they would only seek to profit from it, or even worse, conquer peaceful sentient worlds.

Linius released Orcus from the Emorti Dimension. He gave him a proposition, unofficially known as the Perlecti Accords. He and the Perlecti would be released on a number of conditions:

The Perlecti Accords

  • They all would have a portion of their Cosmic Awareness removed, using a technique that Linius developed called Cerebral Realignment. This would ensure that the Perlecti could never create a wormhole again.
  • They would be confined to Earth to fulfill one mission: Eliminate any human being that the Council deemed to be a direct, or indirect, threat to Time’s continuity. Failure to follow this mission would result in Linius sending a Piereus force to permanently destroy the Perlecti.
  • They could never attempt to return to the Time Dimension again.

Orcus agreed to the terms of the Perlecti Accords, and the Perlecti were released from the Emorti Dimension, with the exception of Domini. The Perlecti fulfilled their mission with precision, murdering every human being on the Council’s kill list. Orcus became Earth’s Grim Reaper, while the remaining Perlecti Mastigi became powerful killers, each developing new characteristics to go along with their unique killing signatures. Over time, human beings would know them as the Undead.

Vindictus summoned Michael to Dux-Prime to find out why so many humans were dying, he was astonished to learn that the culprits were his parent’s former comrades. He didn’t know how they would prove to be useful to his plan, but he knew that Orcus would join his cause to destroy the Piereus. However, he wasn’t ready to reveal himself yet.

Vindictus released Moloch and his demons from Tartarus. He commanded them to attack the Perlecti until they gained an audience with Orcus. After gaining an audience with the Grim Reaper, Moloch followed the script that Vindictus provided. Orcus remained stone-faced when Moloch told him that he knew that he was a former Piereus. Vindictus knew that Orcus wouldn’t submit easily, so he instructed Moloch to force him to submit.

Orcus fought a fierce battle, but eventually lost to the more powerful Moloch. But, instead of killing Orcus, Moloch offered him a deal. He would help Orcus and the Perlecti return to the Time Dimension when the time was right, provided that Orcus recognized Moloch as the supreme ruler of Earth. Vindictus knew that Orcus was a resource that he could not afford to ignore. He could overlook the small amount of human souls that Orcus and his Perlecti destroyed.

By this time, humans had evolved on over ten thousand Earths in the League of Multiverses. The Perlecti only occupied one of those Earths, which the Piereus had named Earth-Prime, because it was the first Earth that human beings occupied. It was also during this period that Moloch became known to human beings as Satan, the evil counterpart to God (Vindictus).

V. Sci-Fi Music Begins

In the year 2015 EPY (Earth-Prime Year),  Vindictus began the final phase of his plan. After millions of years, he would finally reveal himself to Linius. But first, he would need a ruse to occupy the Piereus Council. If they learned that humans were a species engineered specifically for his sociopathic agenda, they could use the Time Dimension to destroy him at his weakest point, before humanity was created. This was the most complex part of his plan.

First, he would need to use the Creo Deux to create an exact duplicate clone of Linius, minus the Cosmic Awareness. However, as soon as the clone was created, Vindictus would murder it. Next, he would have to use the Dimensional Platform to determine the best time-point to travel to in order for his plan to work. His existence could not be revealed to the Piereus Council, therefore the plan  would have to be fast, precise, and unfold in a series of simultaneous events.

Vindictus decided that the best time-point to unleash the havoc that he planned was a few moments before the supernova that created Earth-Prime’s universe. Using Soulkinesis, he summoned thirty-seven human souls to Dux-Prime. Along with the Archangels and Moloch’s demon horde, he commanded them to attack the Piereus guardians of each of Time’s multiverses. Meanwhile, Vindictus commanded his soul to travel to the Time Dimension and slow down the Multiversal Quantum Clock by a cosmic nanosecond, in order to give his forces enough time to escape the inevitable havoc that followed.

Molach’s demon army simultaneously opened thirty-eight wormholes to the guardians’ locations. The Piereus were all caught by surprise. In each location, they focused their attacks on the demons that appeared with the wormholes, but they were overwhelmed and murdered by the Archangels and enslaved human souls that could not be detected by their Cosmic Awareness. The Piereus guardians were all dead within five seconds of the demon’s arrival.

There were multiple quantum displacements that had occurred within all 38 multiverses. The only evidence of these events actually happening was a large cluster of subatomic particles called muon, which slowed the Multiversal Quantum Clock by a cosmic nanosecond.

- Sci-Fi Music: Darth Prefectus Saga

Vindictus’ soul returned to him after completing its first task. After his soul returned, Vindictus opened a wormhole to the Emorti Dimension. He would need his soul’s abilities for the next part of his plan. Using Cerefex Repel, he moved through the Emorti Dimension with ease. He swiftly found the Mastigi henchman that he was searching for, and released him from the cerefexes’ paralysis. Vindictus commanded his soul to follow and protect Domini through the Emorti Dimension’s entrance portal to the sub-levels of the Time Dimension. He then opened a wormhole to Dux-Prime and left the Emorti Dimension.

Domini entered the Time Dimension and immediately encountered Linius. Vindictus had expected this, because he knew that the entrance portal to the Emorti Dimension was only accessible from Linius’ laboratory. Vindictus had already instructed his soul to immediately attack Linius, but also to preserve his life. He had also commanded a weakened Domini to abduct Linius once he had fallen and take him to Earth-Zeta, where he would await further instructions.

Linius’ actions mirrored his fallen Piereus guardians. He focused his attack on the enemy that his Cosmic Awareness had detected. But, while he prepared to battle Domini, Vindictus’ soul had already begun its unexpected attack, and swiftly overwhelmed Linius.

After defeating Linius, the soul took mirror images of Linius’ research and returned to Dux-Prime. Shortly afterwards, with Linius in tow, Domini departed to Earth-Zeta. The moment Vindictus’ soul returned, he opened a wormhole to the Time Dimension and planted the clone that the Creo Deux created in Linius’ laboratory. Vindictus opened a wormhole and left the Time Dimension, leaving the clone’s corpse for Spatium to find.  

“Spatium attempted to cross the Cosmic Gateway into the sublevels of the Time Dimension. This would lead him to his mentor, Linius. However, he found the Gateway in ruins, and the ashes of his mentor on the helix of the Gateway. Wisely, Spatium chose to return to the main level to decipher what this meant.”        

- Sci-Fi Music: Darth Prefectus Saga   

Back on Dux-Prime, Vindictus analyzed Linius’ research with a newfound respect for the Piereus leader. Linius was far more advanced than he thought, and judging from his research, they both shared the same obsession: travelling beyond Finus Terminus and into the Chaos Plane of Existence. However, Vindictus realized that Linius had taken a different approach than his. The Piereus scientist had figured out how to actually dissolve Finus Terminus. Thanks to Linius, Vindictus’ ultimate goal would be achieved. After billions of years, he would finally enter the Chaos Plane of Existence.

Although the Piereus had been defeated, Existence saved its final trump card for this moment. Vindictus would be furious when he soon learned that he was not exempt from the doppelganger rule, as he previously thought. Ironically, Existence would seek to restore its Cosmic Balance by utilizing a descendant of one of Vindictus’ own creations.

This descendant was a human named Ambush Vin.      

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