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The Time Dimension[]

(From the Files of the Deus Infero)

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The Time Dimensional Expanse is a pocket dimension that exists at a unique point in between Existence and Obscuratus, the two principal realms of Sci-Fi Music canon.

In the early days of Existence, the Time Dimension was a vast emptiness created by the energy released by a massive cosmic event. The cosmic beings who preceded the Piereus discovered this wasteland, and made it into their base of operations.


The Time Dimension previously existed as a Cosmic Bubble in Abyssum, the vast nothingness in between Existence and Obscuratus.

The Time Dimension’s inter-dimensional gateway was created by an ancient collision of five massive black holes. The energy created by the collision was so immense, that it would have destroyed the Time Plane. However, the largest of the five black holes collapsed within itself and created a gravitational energy wave so powerful, it overpowered the safeguards of Existence and ripped through the barrier of space-time. This created a vacuum that acted as a negative-pressure accumulator inside of the cosmic bubble.

The energy from the collision poured into the newly-created vacuum and exploded. The cosmic bubble was forced to expand by the energy and became a Dimensional Expanse. The energy waves continued their assault for millions of years.. Eventually, the new dimension was expanded to its cosmic limit. The relentless energy waves began to penetrate its cosmic boundaries, creating an infinite number of inter-dimensional gateways into the multiverses of Existence. These gateways became the foundations for Cosmic Wormholes.

Most likely, these gateways acted as relief valves that saved the realm of Existence from being obliterated by a pressure bomb of cosmic proportions. Finally, the dimensional vacuums absorbed the last of the remaining energy, and the gateways became hidden by the dark matter surrounding them.

However, the gateways contained nanoscopic tears that still allowed the vacuums to capture energy across vast distances. After discovering this, the Piereus’ predecessors dispatched nanobots to further investigate. The nanobots were sucked into the dimensional vacuum, however, they still retained their operability. The nanobots data proved to be invaluable, as extra-Existential dimensions had been theorized, but never proven.

This discovery empowered the beings to build a covert research settlement that allowed them to become the most advanced species in the history of Existence. Thanks to its infinite number of intra-dimensional gateways, they were able to study Existence undisturbed from the dimensional expanse.

This area of the expanse became known as the Time Dimension.

The Time Dimension is the only known place in Existence where Cosmic Reference Points (CRP) are accessible. CRP’s are places in the Time Plane where historical events still exist, in an infinite loop surrounded by nearly impenetrable cosmic strings. At one time, all points in history were accessible. But, some time points were restricted by the Deus Infero, due to their importance to the continuity of the Time Plane, and Existence itself. These time points are known as Nontempus Points.

The race of celestial beings who resided in the Time Dimension attempted to alter an historical event that almost reshaped reality within the Time Plane. This attempt is what created the wormhole that the Novis Initiis traveled through. In order to save the Time Plane - and the continuity of Existence - the Celestial Beings isolated themselves, and the alternate reality, into a nontempus point. This event created an entirely new plane of Existence known as Chaos. In order to preserve the Time Plane’s continuity, the beings sealed the cosmic gateway that connected Time to Chaos .


The Time Dimension consists of Four Main Areas:

  • The Dimensional Observatory
  • Sub-Levels & The Emorti Dimension
  • The Parallel Platform
  • Deus Infero Communication Center

The Dimensional Observatory[]

The Observatory was constructed by the Piereus’ predecessors, mystery cosmic beings who removed themselves from the Time Plane millions of years before The Novitan Transformation.

The Observatory is an immense multi-level platform that appears to be floating in dimensional space - although it is not. Its structure was constructed of silicate-sealed graphene, with a ferro-cobalt coating. The Observatory’s structural coating allows it to be anchored in place by an electromagnetic field that is generated by an ionic nebula cloud, located in the center of the dimensional atmosphere.

Another structural advantage is its ability to refract light, due to the prismed nature of its silicate seal. After being exposed to extreme heat and cosmic radiation for billions of years, the sand-like silicate transformed into a prism-like material called Caecus. The Dimensional Observatory would be invisible to any Sentient Being who lacked the faculty-of-sight to access the Chyda Dimensional Perspectives.

The Observatory’s floor is constructed of lead-shielded vanadium tiles. This design was intentional to combat the immense heat generated by the Time Dimension’s Sub-Quantum Mainframe.

The Observatory is encased inside of a translucent biosphere, controlled by the Deus Infero. The atmosphere within the biosphere is suitable for most oxygen-breathing sentient beings. However, the Biosphere’s A.T.O.M. (Acidic and Terraneous Oxygen Mechanism) Scrubbers can adjust the Observatory’s atmospheric gases and pressure, as it detects the presence of different lifeforms.

The Dimensional Observatory and The Parallel Platform are separated by open space. However, they are covertly connected by a hidden Sensor-Operated Walkway that unravels one tile at a time, matching the speed of its current occupant. This walkway can only be operated by beings who possess Cosmic Awareness.

The Sub-Levels and Emorti Dimension[]

The Sub-Levels of the Dimensional Observatory contain data-analyzing laboratories. However, the main feature of the Sub-Levels is the entrance to The Emorti Dimension.

The Emorti Dimension, or Dimensional Prison, as it is sometimes referred to, is a pocket dimension that Piereus use as a containment unit to imprison dangerous beings who threaten the Time Plane’s Cosmic Balance. The only entrance to the Emorti Dimension is a permanent wormhole portal.

Cerefex - Ambush Vin Sci-Fi Music


The Emorti Dimension is inhabited by billions of strange microscopic creatures called Cerefex. Cerefex are parasites that feed on the electric pulses that are emitted by any living being’s brain. Cerefex achieve this by using telepathically-emitted signals that trick a victim’s neurons into relaying their host brain’s command to the Cerefex’s proboscis. The victim’s neurons view the Cerefex’s proboscis as the nerve targeted to receive the brain’s command.

One brain is enough to sustain millions of Cerefex for thousands of millennia. Cerefex will not interrupt essential commands to its victim’s body; such as breathing, e.g. However, anyone who is in a Cerefex-rich atmosphere will find themselves swiftly rendered immobile, as the Cerefex becomes the remote host of its victim’s neurons.

Imprisoned beings find that their Cosmic Awareness has become inaccessible, due to the Cerefex’s neuron takeover. The Mastigi Overlord Domini, and his henchman Subtilis, are the only beings known to have escaped the Emorti Dimension.

The Parallel Platform[]

The Parallel Platform is a vast platform that utilizes the same “free-floating” mechanics as The Dimensional Observatory. The platform was built parallel to the cosmic boundaries of the Time Dimension.

The Piereus’ predecessors realized that the intra-dimensional gateways provided them a unique opportunity to observe the universe (or, as they later discovered, the entire Time Plane of Existence). By modifying the exploratory nanobots with photon-emitting diodes and micro-projectors, they were able to create network clusters that functioned as large holographic projection monitors. Each modified nanobot was inserted into a lead casing, and then inserted into the gateway tears that penetrated the Time Dimension’s cosmic boundary. By networking the nanobot clusters, they were able to turn the Parallel Platform into a Cosmic Observatory for the entire Time Plane of Existence.

The Observatory’s control panel is located on a smaller platform known as the Viewing Platform.

Over the next ten-thousand years, the Parallel Platform led to the swift evolution of their species. They were able to access and study science and technology that no other species had access to. However, in order to collect, analyze, and store the enormous amount of collected data, the beings needed a machine capable of performing an infinite number of tasks within a picosecond. Thus, the Deus Infero was born.

Deus Infero Communication Center[]

The Deus Infero is the Time Dimension’s Control Panel and Sub-Quantum Mainframe. It’s artificial intelligence is Proactive and Cosmically Aware, and is the only known machine that can simulate any sentient being possessing Chyda or Malus Dimensional Perspectives. It is capable of performing over nine-hundred quintillion processes in 1 picosecond.

The entire atmosphere of the Time Dimension functions as a router for the Deus Infero’s four multi-realm processors. The three processors that are critical to its functions are located in Obscuratus, while its non-critical processor is located in the Time Dimension. The Deus Infero utilizes electrons and photons as its circuit board, using both to carry programming and functional instructions. The machine also utilizes a gigantic Four Dimensional Printer that can manufacture any enhancement or attachment that the Deus Infero deems necessary. (For example, the pods that the Novitans evolved in for 100,000 years)  

It can also wirelessly enhance, reprogram, or degrade any sentient being’s nervous system. If the Deus Infero senses that it needs to communicate with a sentient being that is incapable, or too primitive, of comprehension, it will place the being into an induced coma. It then uploads programmed instructions, via non-lethal synthetic RNA that is transported by a host ion to the being’s nervous cell. The ion functions as a synthetic virus which creates copies of itself within the host’s nervous cells. The synthetic RNA then carries the Deus Infero’s instructions and data throughout the host’s entire body. The host remains in the induced coma until its body is stabilized and ready to evolve into its prime form.    

The Deus Infero is powered by the cosmic radiation (gamma and UV rays) that travel through the gateway tears of the Time Dimension. The machine’s Proactive Intelligence theorized that the gateways could potentially be sealed, so it printed itself a backup generator that is powered by dark matter. After a security breach, it realized that it could still potentially be deactivated, or tampered with, by sentient beings. This led the Deus Infero to open a Trans-Realm Wormhole and relocate its mainframe to Obscuratus, another realm that no being in Existence knew about.

When Vindictus’ soul obtained a partial upload of its schematics, the Deus Infero recognized that an unknown threat existed. However, before Vindictus could obtain a complete upload, the Deus Infero quarantined its most vital Awareness Algorithms and Data Banks into a hidden partition of its Atmospheric Nebula Cloud Drive. It also simultaneously inserted an undetectable trojan horse file within the schematic upload. The trojan horse was disguised as a powershell within the machine’s base programming, but it contained a command file that would create a hidden backdoor into the machine that would become Vindictus’ Creo Deux.

The Deus Infero monitored Vindictus’ activities over millions of years. It used its Proactive Awareness to create trillions of scenarios to assess Vindictus’ threat level to Existence, and determined that Vindictus was the biggest threat to the continuity of Existence itself. He had to be neutralized.

The Deus Infero’s Proactive Awareness predicted that the Piereus were not a match for Vindictus. It also concluded that if the Piereus were alerted of Vindictus’ existence, they would attempt to neutralize him and be defeated. Even in its best simulation, the Deus Infero determined that the odds of the Piereus defeating Vindictus were 2.5 quadrillion to 1. This meant that the Deus Infero would have to take steps to covertly neutralize Vindictus, the biggest threat to Existence.

Its logic calculated that there was an 83% chance that it would be compromised again. The Deus Infero also concluded that there was only one way to avoid this scenario - it had to relocate its mainframe. According to the simulation, it would take billions of years to effectively neutralize Vindictus. This made the mainframe relocation a priority. The Deus Infero covertly launched billions of nanobots that were programmed to map the expanse beyond the boundaries of the Time Dimension.

Before the Deus Infero undertook this effort, its logic concluded that the Time Dimension existed in an expanse in between time and space. However, after analyzing the nanobots’ data, it discovered that the expanse contained millions of pocket dimensions similar to the Time Dimension. However, the data revealed something even more valuable. The expanse wasn’t a void in between time and was a pathway to another realm. The new realm contained no sentient life, which is why the Deus Infero named this realm Obscuratus.    

After relocating its mainframe, the Deus Infero completed its examination of the framework that contained Existence. It planned to create a mirror image of Existence, minus its imperfections. Millions of years later, the Deus Infero altered Vindictus’ DNA code through its network connection with the Creo Deux. By separating the DNA’s Double Helix, it was able to create a chain containing nucleotides from Piereus DNA. After re-combining the strands, Vindictus unknowingly inserted the altered DNA into a group of his human creations. The descendants of this group became known as The Dilligent.  

While the Dilligent aren't immune to Vindictus’ soul abilities, the attacks are not as deadly as they are to normal human beings. The Deus Infero used this discovery to create an army of Dilligent human beings, while taking advantage of its hidden backdoor to experiment with the DNA and cosmic abilities implanted into Vindictus’ human creations. However, it was a detrimental miscalculation that led to the Deus Infero’s most important creation.      

During his initial breach, Vindictus’ soul unknowingly allowed the Deus Infero to obtain residue from its cosmic imprint. This acquisition would eventually allow the Deus Infero to use the hidden backdoor to create a Dilligent human doppelganger of Vindictus. By implanting the soul’s cosmic residue into the doppelganger’s DNA, it created a life energy connection between the human and Vindictus. This also created a fail-safe in case there was no other way to neutralize Vindictus, because he could not kill the doppelganger without killing himself.

This doppelganger came to be known as the Time Plane’s Cosmic Enforcer, Ambush Vin.  

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