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Ambush Vin - "Darth Prefectus" - Star Wars Rap

Ambush Vin - "Darth Prefectus" - Star Wars Rap

The Battle for Darth Prefectus

Spatium sent Ambush Vin to Darth Prefectus' homeworld, in order to assume the identity of Darth Prefectus.

After he arrived, Ambush Vin found the planet in ruins due to a recent battle. He encountered a being named Uliver, who claimed to be Darth Prefectus' servant. During their conversation, Ambush Vin had a vision of the battle that had already occurred.

Unfortunately, he didn't realize that this was a vision of the past, and used his newfound cosmic power to shoot a barrage of lightning at a Mastigi assassin.

In the real world, outside of his vision, his lightning attack killed Uliver.

The Mastigi Overlord Domini appeared and attempted to recruit Ambush Vin to the Mastigi ranks. Vin refused, and began to taunt the powerful Mastigi. Suddenly, he found that he could not speak, and his throat began to constrict.

(Excerpt from Sci-Fi Music: Darth Prefectus Saga)

"Puny human," Domini scolded, "I can end your existence with a mere thought!"

He was right. He just proved that. I did the only thing I could do.

I ran.

I opened a wormhole and dived in! After landing hard onto a pile of rubble, I gathered my surroundings. It appeared I was in an old, condemned bomb factory in Kingsbury, IN. My friends and I used to sneak into here when I was younger to play hide and seek...

The Battle for Darth Prefectus Edit

Domini followed Ambush Vin through the wormhole to Earth-Prime. Deciding that Vin wasn't worth the effort, Domini commanded a low-level Mastigi assassin, Subtilis, to capture or kill Vin.

After a lengthy battle in an old cemetery, Ambush Vin finally connected with his cosmic awareness - the source of his cosmic power. Using trillions of electrons, along with the sun's ambient radiation, he created a condensed burst of energy that disintegrated Subtilis, leaving a pile of ashes in the assassin's place.

The battle was over.

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