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Terra Odi is the leader of the Diligent Evolved Shadows (DEVOS), the Multidimensional Counterstrike Force created by Ambush Vin. While Vin and the P.O.T. Squad focused on the battle against Vindictus - the primary threat of Existence, DEVOS mission was to protect Existence and Obscuratus from anything else that threatened their continuity.

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Terri Odi and DEVOS were also the first sentient beings to inhabit Obscuratus.


The Diligent Protocol[]

Over millions of years, the Deus Infero transported the proteins, quarks, and elements needed to recreate the building blocks of life from Existence to Obscuratus. The artificial intelligence had completed trillions of generational cycles since its creation, greatly increasing its knowledge since the accelerated evolution that became known as the Novitan Transformation. The machine was designed to learn from itself, and evolve based on experience and the data it collected.

The Deus Infero thought the Piereus, who were the result of the Novitan Transformation, were the solution to the biggest problems that Existence faced: war, destruction, and the abuse of cosmic knowledge that most of Existence’s sentient beings were too primitive to utilize correctly. However, the Deus Infero had not accounted for Piereus’ reproduction, which would create Vindictus, the first human being. More accurately, it had not anticipated that the combined helices of two Piereus’ ascended DNA would see the Piereus’ native Novitan DNA as a foreign entity - a virus. In response, the cosmic DNA created an electromagnetic container, that was invisible to every spectral wavelength, to isolate, and destroy, the Piereus’ native Novitan DNA.

The ascended DNA sent instructions to the Piereus’ skin cells via RNA. It commanded the cells to absorb as much dark matter as possible, before sending the cells to their doom within the attached container. However, the electromagnetic container not only contained the supernova-level amount of energy created by the dark matter, it fed on it, using the radiation as nutrients. The dark matter radiation, which the ascended Piereus’ DNA had weaponized to destroy the Novitan DNA, never accomplished the task that it was usurped for. Instead, it turned the invisible container into a living nuclear reactor, with its own genetics, thanks to the trapped Novitan DNA.

This container became the soul of Vindictus. However, to the Deus Infero it was much more than that. The

soul had become the biggest threat to Existence, due to Vindictus’ ability to manipulate and control 99% of Archangel and human souls that were within his Soul Network. The only humans who are immune to Vindictus’ soul abilities are Ambush Vin (post-Slasher Musik Saga), Hexen Arcane, and the members of DEVOS.

The Deus Infero studied The Diligent over millions of years as they evolved. While they were effective as cosmic warriors, they were still prone to some of Vindictus’ soul abilities. But, he had to solely focus on the Diligent he was attacking. This was the reason that Vindictus rarely used a soul attack on The Diligent, because it also left him vulnerable to attack.

After thousands of failed experiments, the Deus Infero isolated the radioactive gene that was responsible for maintaining the soul’s spectral wavelength. This was the frequency that Vindictus used to issue commands to his soul network. Using its backdoor into Vindictus’ Creo Deux, the Deus Infero uploaded an updated version of the Diligent Protocol. The upgrade featured a generational delay to complete activation of the protocol, which would allow the Evolved Diligent to escape Vindictus’ suspicion. The Deus Infero commanded the Creo Deux insert the protein containing the protocol into the next eight human souls that were created and gene mapped.

The Deus Infero’s Proactive Intelligence correctly predicted that the backdoor would be discovered once Vindictus realized that his connection to the eight humans’ descendants had been severed. However, the protocol’s activation delay was set for two hundred-thousand generations, which would allow Earth-Prime millions of years to populate. Most importantly, it would give the Evolved Diligent millions of years to reproduce. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for Vindictus to find and eliminate every Evolved Diligent human. However, Vindictus would soon begin searching for the source of this error.

Therefore, the Diligent Protocol’s final command was to sever the backdoor connection between the Deus Infero and the Creo Deux, destroying the hidden network.

Terra Odi[]

(contains classified entries from DIA File #43701-432)

All parents believe that their children are special. But, when Aliah Shefton was born, her parents REALLY knew she was special. This was due to the strange events that occurred the night she was born.

The moment that Aliah emerged from the womb, the hospital lost power. As supervisors and custodians tried in vain to power the backup generator, a strange blue hue began to emanate from Aliah’s delivery room. Aliah’s nurse stood frozen in horror, while pointing at Aliah. The newborn baby was sitting up and smiling inside of a transparent energy bubble.

The intern doctor reached for the room’s phone, only to discover there was no dial tone. The doctor turned and looked outside of the window, and dropped the phone that he was holding. All of the buildings that surrounded the hospital still had power. It was raining, but only in the immediate area around the hospital. The surrounding landscape featured rolling clouds, but no rain. The doctor turned around, only to find that Aliah and her parents had disappeared.

Aliah’s mother realized that they were in their apartment. She quickly shook of her initial shock after figuring out that Aliah had teleported them here. Once the story was verified, Aliah’s parents realized that their daughter would soon the subject of a nationwide manhunt by the federal government. As people of color, they were wary of the federal government. They knew that Aliah would be subjected to hundreds of scientific probes, possibly weaponized, and maybe dissected. They had to disappear in order to save their daughter.

For the next year, Aliah’s family traveled north, living as nomads in Canada. They finally made their home in the small town of Old Harbor, Alaska. Still fearing for their daughter's safety, the family lived as hermits, preferring to avoid people and civilization. Aliah was home-schooled by her father, while her mother fished, hunted, and went into town for supplies when they needed them.

The family knew that they couldn’t shelter Aliah forever, so her mother began to test the extent of her abilities. She quickly realized that Aliah could see and manipulate things that they couldn’t. Aliah constantly talked about “the really small, fuzzy bubbles that glowed when you smashed them together.” Her father theorized that Aliah was actually seeing and manipulating atoms. By the time Aliah was eight, she was telekinetically swinging a 75-pound ax to help her Mom gather firewood.

By the time she was a teenager, Aliah had shown that she was capable of:

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Telekinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • and Flight (When surrounded by an energy bubble)

However, Aliah had not shown any sign of the teleportation ability that she used on the day of her birth. The day that she finally did would change her life forever. Aliah joined her mother on a supply run into town. The duo walked toward the hardware store and noticed the parking lot was full of military Humvees. Aliah’s mom became paranoid, wondering if the government had finally tracked them down.

She discovered that the military was participating in a joint Army-Navy exercise in the wilderness near the town. The military vehicles that they saw were in town to eat at a local restaurant that was famous for their grilled salmon and caribou stew. Their paranoia receded and they proceeded into the hardware store to purchase their supplies. An Army officer bumped into her as they were leaving the store, making her drop a bag onto the ground.

The officer kneeled to help her pick up the supplies, but as he stood up to hand Aliah’s mom her items, he froze. The items dropped on the ground again, as they both had a moment of recognition. The Army officer was the young intern doctor who had helped deliver Aliah. Her mother forcefully grabbed her hand and rushed her out of the store, leaving their supplies there. She knew that they had to leave immediately.

She ignored the officer’s calls to stop, and Aliah’s questions, and hurried back to their cabin outside of town. They hurriedly began to grab their essential items, and were ready to leave when they heard a helicopter flying overhead. Aliah’s parents were horrified when they looked outside the window to see a platoon of camouflage troops heading for the cabin. They knew that the military men were coming for Aliah.  

Aliah began to panic and tore the wooden cabin apart, using the structural logs as projectiles that she telekinetically hurled at the military. Aliah’s mom yelled for her to stop, fearing that they would open fire on the young adult. The troops dodged the projectiles and continued to advance. The intern doctor/Army officer announced himself as Dr. Trumbull, a military scientist. His voice continued to scream directions from the helicopter’s loudspeaker, telling the Sheftons that there was no need for blood to be shed, they only wanted Aliah. Suddenly, the sky began to turn black, as huge storm clouds began to gather around the quarantined area.

Dr. Trumbull instructed the troops to open fire. The helicopter released the airlock on it’s .50 caliber machine gun, as the troops fired their automatic rifles at the family. Dr. Trumbull instructed the troops to cease-fire, only to find Aliah and her parents encased in the same blue-hued bubble that had surrounded Aliah as a baby. The only difference was Aliah was floating inside of the bubble. Her hands penetrated the bubble as she raised them, energy beams flowed from her hands to the clouds above.

The clouds began to glow with the same blue hue, as Aliah suddenly hurled her arms, as if she was throwing the clouds at the troops. The clouds began to rain explosive hail-sized energy projectiles at the troops. The troops retreated as the projectiles began to explode around them, watching Dr. Trumbull parachute out of the helicopter just in time before it was destroyed. Aliah’s mom stared in disbelief at the charred forest, unable to believe that her daughter had caused all of this destruction.

Aliah collapsed into a tired heap. She looked around and realized Dr. Trumbull was nowhere to be found. She assumed that he had escaped with one of the fleeing military convoys. As she had that thought, a sonic boom penetrated the atmosphere. Dr. Trumbull had managed to call in an airstrike before he escaped. Aliah’s family watched helplessly as the F-16 fighter jet dropped its payload above them. Suddenly, a portal seemed to appear out of thin air, and the family was sucked into the vacuum of the wormhole that Aliah had inadvertently opened.

After being rescued by Spatium on Earth-Zeta, Linius detected Aliah's wormhole while recovering in the Time Dimension. Thanks to the Deus Infero, he recognized the incoming energy signature as an Evolved Diligent and immediately transported himself to the wormhole’s exit point to investigate. Although he was in no shape to battle, he couldn’t reach Spatium and it was imperative that he reached Aliah before Vindictus did. He found the Sheftons on a mountain pass in Tibet. With no time to explain, he opened a wormhole that led back to the Time Dimension, and forcefully shoved the entire family into it.

Purpose and Awakening[]

Believing they were in the afterlife, Aliah’s parents looked confused as they looked around the Time Dimension. The Deus Infero Communication Center came alive, in an attempt to get Linius’ attention. Linius ran across the censored walkway to find a map of Abyssum. A path of wormholes was highlighted on the digital map, with the words Obscuratus in bold letters at the end of it. The Deus Infero was telling Linius that they were not safe here, and to transport the family to the Obscuratus realm.

Linius immediately herded the family into the hidden entrance to the Space Dimension from his lab in the Dimensional Observatory. Once they were safely in the Space Dimension, Linius paused to explain Aliah’s importance to Existence. Aliah’s parents found themselves in shock and disbelief, as Linius expected. However, he didn’t expect Aliah to be as calm as she was. When he asked why she was so calm, she told him that she had seen the Time and Space Dimensions, Abyssum, and Obscuratus in her memories. It was as if she had already been here. Linius realized that her heightened state of Cosmic Awareness also allowed her to access memory genes, much in the same way that Earth-Prime’s animals pass memories and behaviors to their descendants.

Linius explained to her parent’s that they could never return to Earth-Prime. Vindictus, or his Archangels, would more than likely attempt to use them as leverage to draw Aliah out. Instead, they would become the first humans to reside in Obscuratus, on the planet Primis. More Evolved Diligent humans would join them as they were rescued from Earth-Prime. Meanwhile,  Aliah would begin to learn the true extent of her cosmic abilities - and her enemies - through training from: the Deus Infero, Linius, Spatium, and Ambush Vin..  

Aliah renamed herself Terra Odi, as a reminder of what Earth-Prime had done to her family.

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