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Shayna Dank is a human female and Lead Interspatial Crime Investigator from Earth-Zeta. She was responsible for finding fugitives that had committed crimes on any planet within the Ten of Tens Solar System. Due to the Earth-Zeta’s advanced technology, Shayna knew that she had “Elevated Awareness” (she was Diligent) as a teenager. 

Shayna can interact with six of the ten Chyda Dimensions:

  • Time 
  • Space
  • Depth
  • Difference/Indifference 
  • Parallel Visibility
  • Parallel Accessibility

 She was found herself trapped on Earth-Prime after she followed the Ten of Tens most wanted fugitive, Bella Dictus, through a wormhole from Earth-Zeta. Unbeknownst to Shayna, Bella knew that the investigator was shadowing her, and led her into a trap in Occultum on Earth-Prime. Shayna was shocked to learn that Bella’s powers didn’t come from Earth-Zeta’s nano-tech. 

Believing herself to be the only human in Existence who possessed cosmic abilities, she attacked Bella. However, she quickly realized that she was outmatched by the daughter of Vindictus. Bella used Telepathy to block Shayna’s neural communicators, effectively paralyzing her body. However, instead of killing her, Bella telepathically placed a mental block in Shayna’s hippocampus, effectively blocking her memories. 

Bella implanted false memories into Shayna’s brain that allowed her to believe that she was a prophetess named Esther in Simon Mendax’s (Ambush Vin) One Planet House of Worship on Earth-Inferius. However, after Molach released himself from Ambush Vin’s body, Bella was forced to retrieve Vin’s imprisoned soul from the Astral Plane in order to save her father’s life. Once Ambush Vin’s soul was reunified with his body, his memories returned. He escaped by opening a wormhole to the Time Dimension, and convincing Shayna to come with him. They were met in the Time Dimension by Orcus, who Vindictus had appointed the new guardian of the Time Plane.

As Ambush Vin prepared to battle Orcus, Spatium and Linius suddenly appeared through a wormhole that had suddenly opened on the Parallel Platform. Orcus knew that he was no match for the trio, so he retreated, opening a wormhole back to his Occultum on Earth-Prime. 

Shayna followed the trio through a wormhole that Linius opened to the Space Dimension. Linius then used the Deo Ignato to remove the mental block that Bella had telepathically placed into Shayna’s brain. She declined an invitation to join Ambush Vin’s P.O.T. Squad, choosing to remain independent.  

However, Shayna remains a close and trusted ally of Ambush Vin and the Piereus.

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