Scriptora is a former astronomical engineer, science historian, and MENSA board member. She also was the Logistics Engineer and Weapons Specialist for Ambush Vin’s P.O.T. Squad. She was the only member of the cosmic team who did not possess an enhanced faculty-of-sight.

Currently, she is a best-selling author and scribe for Ambush Vin’s Sci-Fi Music Canon. Scriptora was born Alana Rogers in Providence, Rhode Island on Earth-Prime

It became obvious that Alana possessed an advanced level of intelligence early in life. She began walking at four months, and was reading classic literature by age two. An administrator at Alana’s grammar school noticed her potential, and recommended that she apply for the MENSA society.

With an IQ of 275, Alana was inducted into MENSA at six years old. She went on to graduate from high school at age nine, and was rewarded with a full scholarship to CalTech. She obtained a dual doctorate in Quantum Engineering and Bio-Molecular Physics at age 15. Her dissertation, Realities are a Containment Unit for Parallel   Planes, not only reflected her love for the pop culture blockbuster, Ghostbusters, in the title; it also became the primary reference for theoretical physicists across the globe. 

At the age of 17, Alana became the youngest person invited to become a resident scientist at CERN. One month into her residence, she became the first scientist to create dark matter in the Large Hadron Collider. Previous to this accomplishment, dark matter was only a theory in science. Alana became a rock star within the scientific community, until she destroyed the particle accelerator, and nearly destroyed Earth. 

During a study of dark matter gluons, Alana created the atmospheric conditions within the particle accelerator that would smash antimatter and dark matter hadrons into each other at near-lightspeed. She intended to study the gluon particles that bond dark matter quarks together, and prove that her Black Curtain Theory was indeed correct. 

Spatium viewed Alana’s study from the Parallel Platform and deemed it a threat to the continuity of the Time Plane of Existence. He opened a wormhole that lead to the metallic chamber that contained the dark matter field within the Large Hadron Collider. The dark matter beam traveled through the wormhole to the Time Dimension, where Spatium directed it to the Deus Infero’s fuel chamber. 

Alana saw the wormhole and panicked, believing she had unintentionally created a black hole. Upon seeing the dark matter beam disappear, she believed that her theory had been rendered false; tachyons could not escape the gravity of a black hole. 

Unfortunately, she realized the antimatter field had destabilized too late. Spatium’s wormhole had allowed residual hydrogen gas to enter the particle accelerator. The gas monitors in the large chamber had barely registered its presence before the explosion began. 

It happened too fast. Alana, and her team, couldn’t react in time. 

Suddenly, a Black Gateway opened, and the entire chamber disappeared, leaving a gaping hole in the Large Hadron Collider.

Orcus had been following Alana’s progress with high interest. He believed that her research presented an opportunity for him to return to the Time Dimension. He detected Spatium’s wormhole and the resulting chaos, and swiftly opened two parallel Black Gateways. The first sent him inside of the large chamber, where he sent himself and the exploding chamber into Earth’s exosphere. A third Black Gateway transported him to safety within nanoseconds, back to his Occultatum

After the explosion completed, the destroyed chamber began to plummet to Earth’s surface. The majority of it burned to cinders in the stratosphere. However, one large piece did reach Earth’s surface and landed in the Pacific Ocean. The shockwave created a tsunami that resulted in more than twenty-thousand deaths, along with trillions of dollars in damage along the North and South American coastlines. Stock markets across the globe plummeted, sending the world into a mini-depression.

Alana’s team could not believe that they survived.  The strong electromagnetic pulse had disabled all of the cameras in Europe, along with low-orbiting satellites. Alana’s team had to describe the incident to their sponsors, the world, and authorities. But, her theory was so complex, that even accomplished scientists had a problem grasping her theoretical concepts. Powerful conservatives began a smear campaign against experimental science; Alana became their primary target.

She was called before the U.N. General Assembly, U.S. Congressional Subcommittees, as well as tried at the Hague. After the trial, which found her not guilty, ended, Alana found herself cast out of the scientific community. The world blamed her ‘fringe’ theories on every event that followed the explosion. 

Alana finally found a home in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Believing that she was conducting biological research for the Russian government, she genetically engineered a synthetic version of a dormant prehistoric virus.Unbeknownst to her, she was creating a biological weapon for the Russian government, who inoculated every Russian, under the guise of mandatory flu shots. Three months later, a deep-cover Russian agent released the virus at Chicago’s Union Station. 

Within 6 months, the pandemic had killed a quarter of the United States’ population. Every state east of the Mississippi was quarantined, along with Oklahoma. It took a year for U.S. intelligence to trace the source of the viral attack to Alana’s lab. Alana was stunned. She really believed that she was a resident of a legitimate laboratory. She arrived to the lab, only to find the entire building emptied of all of its contents. A few seconds before the police arrived, Alana realized that she had been set-up. 

Alana was arrested by military police, and transported to Voyskovaya Chast' 6717 military base. Upon arriving at the gates, a wormhole opened in front of the military convoy. A weaponless woman dove out and snatched open Alana’s armored car door under heavy gunfire. 

The woman’s name was Malus Asinae, and she was a member of Ambush Vin’s P.O.T. Squad. She grabbed Alana as another wormhole opened. Malus dove through the wormhole, taking Alana to the Time Dimension. Malus introduced Alana to Ambush Vin and La Artista.  

After hearing that her Black Curtain theory was correct, she felt vindicated, although she couldn’t share the news with Earth-Prime’s scientific community. She remained a fugitive of Interpol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as twenty-five other countries. Realizing that she could not return to a normal life on Earth-Prime, Alana joined the P.O.T. Squad, adopting the moniker, Scriptora. 

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