There are Three Planes of Existence mentioned in Sci-Fi Music: League of Multiverses continuity: Time, Chaos, and Probability.

A Plane of Existence is an area of Reality that contains existence (matter and energy) with comparable properties. Earth-Prime, as well as its parallel counterparts, are located within the Time Plane of Existence. All three planes share ten basic dimensions in common that help define reality within each plane. These ten dimensions are known as The Chyda

The Chyda dimensions are:

  • Time 
  • Space
  • Depth
  • Length
  • Width
  • Difference/Indifference 
  • Parallel Visibility
  • Parallel Accessibility 
  • Parallel Comprehension
  • Infinite Accessibility

History Edit

Reality has no beginning or end. Nothing is a false concept, there was always existence. Nothing is a false concept that does not exist. At one point in history, Time was the only Plane of Existence in Reality, and The Chyda were its exclusive dimensions. 

However, each Plane of Existence has a set of dimensions that are unique to that plane. (see Unique Dimensions below).

History of Chaos & Probability Edit

The events that created the Chaos Plane of Existence were orchestrated by a mysterious race of celestial beings who resided in the Time Dimension. These mysterious beings preceded Piereus as the overseers of the Time Plane. At some point, one of the beings attempted to alter a significant historical event. This attempt directly led to the formation of The Wormhole that took the Novis Initiis to the Time Dimension.The event also created an entirely new Plane of Existence known as Chaos, or Anti-Time. 

In order to preserve the Time plane’s continuity, the mystery beings sacrificed their own lives and existence. Using a powerful and unknown type of energy that was created from their own Cosmic Essence, they created a cosmic boundary that sealed the gateway to Chaos. This living cosmic boundary is known as Finus Terminus.The Mastigi Overlord Domini, under the orders of Vindictus, succeeded in destroying Finus Terminus. This caused the Time and Chaos Planes of Existence to collide, creating billions of temporal anomalies as a result of the collision (see Sci-Fi Music: Slasher Musik Saga). 

It was only through the heroic efforts of: Linius, Spatium, Ambush Vin, Prefectus, and the Vampire Queen Celestine, that Finus Terminus, Time, and Chaos were restored to stability within Reality. Linius and Spatium realized that in order to restore Existence, that a third Plane had to be created to contain the temporal anomalies that Time and Chaos’ collisions had created. Using the Deus Infero, they were able to duplicate the living Cosmic Essence of Finus Terminus by implanting it into Prefectus, while using Ambush Vin’s soul as an anchor to contain its enormous amount of energy. 

The cosmic group knew that whomever harnessed the duplicated Essence would be essentially sacrificing their physical being in order to create a new cosmic boundary and Plane of Existence. Prefectus volunteered to sacrifice himself and complete the task. Using Cosmic Essence to access Parallel Expansion, Ambush Vin was able to map out the sectors where Time and Chaos had expanded in order to contain the temporal anomalies created by the collision. 

As a preventive measure, they decided to create a buffer zone in between Chaos and the new cosmic boundary. They release trillions of synthetic cerefex within the new buffer zone. Therefore, no being would be able to telepathically manipulate the microscopic machines, as Bella had once done with biological cerefex. The buffer zone would also house a secondary dimensional prison. 

This buffer would become to be known as the Emorti Zone, and the boundary between Chaos and the new plane would be called Terminus Beta,.Once the group reached the mapped area, Linius reached out to shake Prefectus’ hand. As Prefectus returned the handshake, Linius activated a personal Anti-Matter Field Generator, trapping himself and Prefectus inside of the anti-matter field. Acting swiftly, Linius pulled out a hidden device and plunged it into Prefectus. He turned to Spatium and explained that the device was called an Essence Extractor

The Essence Extractor was a component of the Deus Infero that was removed by the mystery race of celestial beings who preceded the Piereus. While studying the Deus Infero’s schematics, Linius noticed the missing component on the blueprints, although the component was not there physically. This set Linius on a search to find out what the missing component was, why it was removed, and what function it played. It had taken Linius billions of Earth-years, but he was able to find the Essence Extractor hidden on a lone planet that existed in a secret sub-plane of Time.

(excerpt from the upcoming Slasher Musik Saga):

“We may not know much about the beings who preceded us, Spatium,” Linius said, “but we know of the sacrifice that they made in order to preserve the Time Plane of Existence. I figured that must’ve been extremely important...important enough for them to sacrifice their physical bodies and lives. That is why I re-created this Essence Extractor, the only one of its kind...just in case history repeated itself. Farewell, my friend.”

Before anyone could stop him, Linius opened a wormhole. At the same time, he created an energy ripple that tilted the ship, pushing the remainder of the group through the wormhole. 

Spatium and the rest of the group found themselves back in the Time Dimension. Spatium ran to the Parallel Platform, only to see Linius releasing the stolen Cosmic Essence into Reality. 

Linius became one with the Cosmic Essence that he was carrying, creating a new Plane of Existence: Probability.  

Unique Dimensions Edit

Along with The Chyda, each Plane of Existence has its own unique dimensions. These dimensions were formed as a result of the circumstances that created each Plane of Existence.  

The Malus Edit

The Malus are the unique dimensions of the Chaos Plane of Existence, that were created as a result of its formation. 

These dimensions are:

  • Parallel Pineal Visibility (or Third Eye)
  • Parallel Reflection

Along with the Piereus, there are only four beings from the Time Plane of Existence who can see, as well as utilize the properties of these dimensions:

  • Ambush Vin
  • Prefectus
  • Domini
  • Vindictus

The Deus Infero embedded the faculties of sight needed to see the Malus Dimensions within the Piereus' Cosmic Awareness.As a former Piereus who escaped the Emorti Dimension, Domini regained his full Cosmic Awareness. Prefectus and Ambush Vin gained full Cosmic Awareness when they absorbed the Finus Terminus duplicate. 

The Visus Edit

After Probability was created, the temporal anomalies’ residual matter and energy in Time and Chaos bonded and interacted with matter from both planes. These interactions created new dimensions within both Time and Chaos. These new dimensions are known as The Visus. Visus dimensions differ from all others, because an individual who possesses a Visus-level faculty of sight can manipulate its dimensional properties to create new and extremely powerful energies. The matter contained within The Visus is in a constant state of change. It would be nearly impossible for any being, even with Cosmic Awareness, to stabilize Visus matter long enough to manipulate its properties. 

However, Linius once theorized that if a being with Cosmic Awareness could physically manifest Cosmic Essence, they would be able to stabilize unstable matter at a sub-quantum level. 

(excerpt from the upcoming Slasher Musik Saga):

“Time is ninety-percent dark matter,” Linius explained. “What would happen if an entirely new form of matter replaced all of the dark matter in outer space? No one could predict what would happen. The Time plane may have been completely destroyed!”

Linius paused again, feeling ashamed for his recklessness. Spatium isn’t a scientist, he thought. He wouldn’t understand the burning crave to solve a puzzle after you find one clue. 

“Spatium,” Linius said, interrupting his own thoughts, “I was right. The particles did bond with both dark and anti-matter! They created the same form of matter that left the residual particles that I found in the Deus Infero.”

Spatium replied, “Which was…”

Linius continued, as if he didn’t hear Spatium, “All energy can be converted to matter, Spatium. But, this...matter was unconverted energy, Spatium! It actually had mass, yet, it was still energy. It was Cosmic Essence, Spatium. That’s what this new form of matter is.”

“That’s why our predecessors were able to harness and control it. Their bodies were made of this form of matter, that’s how they remained stable. They were the physical embodiments of Cosmic Essence. If I could find a way to physically manifest Cosmic Essence, we could control it the same way they did at a sub-quantum level and...”   

Spatium was incredulous. He turned around to face Linius, “You didn’t have a clue what existed in Chaos! Your ‘experiment’ could have been the catalyst for…”

Spatium paused, as if he had a sudden revelation...        

The Visus Dimensions that have been discovered so far are:

  • Infinite Cohesion (Time and Chaos)
  • Absolute Awareness (Chaos)
  • Parallel Expansion (Time) 

Currently, Ambush Vin is the only known being who possesses Visus-level faculty of sight (see upcoming Slasher Musik Saga). 

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