Piereus are cosmic beings who are tasked with maintaining Cosmic Balance within the Time Plane of Existence Piereus are the only known beings that are able to travel between multiverses. They achieve this by creating a temporal portal that forms a connection in between separate points in space-time. This portal is known as a wormhole. 

Most Piereus chose to exist and reside in the Time Dimension. This way, they can view the entire Time Plane of Existence and make adjustments, as needed,  without revealing their existence. There have been some Piereus who have ventured outside of the Time Dimension. However, most Piereus do not leave the Time Dimension, unless there is a credible threat to the Time Plane’s Cosmic Balance. 

History Edit

Piereus are natives of the planet Novita. Novita was torn to shreds and laid barren by billions of solar flares that were ejected by Fatum, the largest star in its solar system. Piereus are the last surviving Novitans on the Time Plane of Existence. 

Fifty billion years ago, a young Novitan scientist named Linius and his crew undertook a mission to investigate a strange energy signature near the black hole of his native Novitiis galaxy. After analyzing data from a previous mission, Linius correctly theorized that this energy signature was a wormhole. 

Linius’ final transmission from the Novis Initiis to Novita was:

“We are entering the wormhole! I was right! I was…”

That was the last time that Linius’ voice was heard on the planet Novita.

The Time Dimension Edit

The Novis Initiis passed through the wormhole without event. However, the wormhole closed after they passed through it, leaving them seemingly trapped in another dimension. 

The crew noticed a huge platform floating in space. It appeared to have no foundation. The platform extended into space as far as the eye could see. The crew exited the ship after landing on the platform. Linius noticed a smaller elevated platform not too far from the ship. There was also a large control panel on the elevated platform. Linius’ curiosity got the best of him, so he walked toward the platform.

He figured, at the very least, maybe the control panel could tell them more about this bizarre new universe they were in. Linius stepped onto the platform and was shocked at what he saw. There were trillions of pathways into other universes. He didn’t understand how he could see them all at one time, much less grasp what he was actually seeing.

He also saw historical events as they unfolded, as if he were seeing it in real-time. It was as if he was at the center of every universe in existence. Linius was filled with excitement from this discovery. He inadvertently stepped on a foot switch, which caused the floor of the main platform to open.

The crew watched in amazement as a large machine began to appear from underneath the platform. The machine appeared to have an unlimited number of small pods attached to a large tube that protruded from the front of the machine. As Linius approached the machine, it suddenly came to life. It’s central tube began to spin, and Linius felt himself being lifted off of the ground and pulled to the machine.

The central tube was actually a vacuum that sucked the entire crew into the machine. Linius watched helplessly, as he was sucked into one of the pods that the machine was connected to. The pod began to fill with an unknown gas. Linius watched in horror as the other pods, filled with his fellow crew members, also began to fill with the strange gas.

The crew fell asleep.

Linius’ pod was the first to open. He felt different as he stepped onto the platform. Unlike his arrival, he knew everything about his surroundings...except the platform’s creators. He walked to the control panel on the elevated platform, which he now knew was called the Parallel Platform, and looked out into space. He was shocked to learn that one hundred-thousand years had passed since the Novis Initiis had traveled through the wormhole. Novita was now a barren planet. He watched in horror, as his home world was torn to shreds by billions of huge solar flares, ejected by Fatum, its solar system’s largest star

Linius turned to the Novii crew and realized that they all had new abilities, the most notable being Cosmic Awareness. After a lengthy discussion, they decided that no one else could be aware of their existence. However, the task of protecting the continuity of the Time plane would fall upon all of their shoulders. The crew decided that they would no longer be known as Novitans. Their native species was destroyed along with their planet. They renamed themselves Piereus.

They also felt that Linius possessed the most vision and fortitude out of the entire crew. .

“After all, Domini remarked, “if it wasn’t for Linius, we wouldn’t have discovered the Time Dimension.” He continued, “Nor, would we have the cosmic knowledge that we possess.”

Thus, Linius became the leader of the Piereus.

Mastigi Edit

Mastigi are former Piereus who choose to use their Cosmic Awareness to advance their own selfish agenda.  In the past, Mastigi have taken over entire galactic  systems and altered cosmic events. Once a Mastigi is caught, they are banished to the Emorti Dimension, also known as the Dimensional Prison. 

Mastigi are also invisible to most beings who cannot see beyond three dimensions. Some humans possess the gift to see a fourth dimension. However, most beings don’t have the natural ability to possess four-dimensional sight.

To the Piereus, Mastigi are filth, which is why they are known as mastigi, which means scoundrel in the Novitan language. The first Mastigi were created after the Piereus Council removed the Perlecti’s Cosmic Awareness, banishing them, and their leader  Orcus, to Earth-Prime.

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