Malus Asinae (Maggie Swanson) is a former espionage agent, P.O.T. (Protectors of Time) Squad operative, martial   arts master, and founding member of Ambush Vin’s SciFinatik Fam. 

During the Colossal Reality Siege, she was instrumental in protecting Earth-Prime from a complete purge by Orcus and his Perlecti Forces. Unfortunately, this battle was won at a high price for Malus. 

After defeating the Perlecti warrior Banshee, Malus became the victim of an explosive technique that would leave her with a severely damaged spine. Due to her condition, Malus is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. 


Years before she was even aware of the P.O.T Force, Malus mastered four of Earth-Prime’s most deadly martial art disciplines: Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Silat, and Krav Maga. 

Maggie was born and raised on Earth-Prime, in a small town in Indiana, U.S.A. She showed an interest in martial arts at the young age of four, after being bullied by older kids in her neighborhood.

Her mother enrolled her into a Kung Fu youth academy, and was surprised when the dojo sensei recommended that she enroll Maggie into the Kung Fu teen academy. Despite her worries, Maggie’s mother believed in her natural talent, and was rewarded when she earned her black belt in 3 months. By the time Maggie was 12, she was competing in adult Martial Arts tournaments across the globe. She became a media darling. The U.S. President, a former martial arts champion himself, was so impressed by her, that he declared her the greatest martial artist in the world.

At least one country was unimpressed by Maggie’s natural talent.

The Prime Minister of Israel believed that Maggie’s opponents were intentionally losing, due to pressure from her biggest fan, the U.S. President. Therefore, at age 16, she was invited to Israel to train with the Mossad in the deadly art of Krav Maga. The Prime Minister offered to train her in the deadly art, believing that she would be exposed as a fluke.

Maggie mastered Krav Maga in less than two months.

Frustrated by her progress, the Prime Minister encouraged her to use the deadly martial art in the final round of an Israeli Martial Arts Tournament, although he knew that Krav Maga techniques were banned from all competitions. Maggie’s opponent was an Israeli army general (who happened to be a political opponent of the Prime Minister in the upcoming Israeli elections). She broke his nose using a Krav Maga technique, and was immediately disqualified.

The Israeli parliament was embarrassed. Maggie received a lifetime ban from Israel, which was lifted after the elections...when the Prime Minister’s opponent defeated him.

After returning to the U.S., Maggie was recruited by the CIA. She excelled at the Farm, impressing all of her instructors. Due to her worldwide reputation, she could never become a covert agent. Therefore, at the age of 17, Maggie became a CIA analyst.

Ambush Vin recruited Maggie for the P.O.T. Force during his search for human members of The Diligent. He discovered that Maggie’s faculty-of-sight enabled her to see six of The Chyda dimensions:

  • Time 
  • Space
  • Depth
  • Length
  • Width
  • Difference/Indifference 
  • Parallel Visibility

Maggie was in disbelief when Ambush Vin attempted to recruit her for the cosmic team. However, she entertained his offer and offered him a deal, if he could defeat her in one-on-one combat, she would join his team. During their brief battle, she became frustrated when she realized that she could not land one punch on Ambush Vin. He chose to defend, as opposed to attacking Maggie.

As Maggie was executing a flying kick, Vin opened up a wormhole to the Time Dimension. Using the momentum from her own technique, he grabbed her leg and threw her through the wormhole, knocking her unconscious. After she regained consciousness, Maggie admitted defeat. After Vin gave her a summary of the events that led to the creation of the P.O.T. Squad, Maggie chose Malus Asinae as her codename. She then pledged her allegiance to Ambush Vin and the P.O.T. Force.

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