La Artista

La Artista is a former military operative, an elite member of the P.o.T. (Protectors of Time) Force, and is currently the illustrator of Ambush Vin’s Sci-Fi Music: League of Multiverses canon. During the Colossal Reality Siege, she was the second human being who was given access to the Time Dimension. 

La Artista’s faculty-of-sight includes:

  • Time 
  • Space
  • Depth
  • Length
  • Width
  • Difference/Indifference 
  • Parallel Visibility
  • Parallel Accessibility 

History Edit

There isn’t much known about La Artista’s life on Earth-Prime before she became the leader of a covert military team for a business group called Safe Travels. On the surface, the group   was a travel and real estate agency for the ultra-rich. However, they procured the bulk of their revenue by more illicit means. 

Safe Travels was a Black Market art dealer. They secured art, by any means, for wealthy clients. Their fee was the actual value of the art, plus twenty-five percent. 

For example, if someone decided that they wanted the original Mona Lisa, Safe Travels would dispatch La Artista and her team to steal the painting. It didn’t matter where the painting was located, nor how secure the painting was in its airless vault, there wasn’t a security system, or security team, that La Artista could not defeat. 

Unbeknownst to La Artista, she was part of an extremely rare group of human beings: The Dilligent. La Artista possessed faculty-of-sight beyond three dimensions. In fact, she could see eight of the ten Chyda dimensions, which gave her the most broad faculty-of-sight of any known human on Earth-Prime who didn’t possess Cosmic Awareness. 

Ambush Vin first encountered La Artista at the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy. He was on a mission to uncover a vital clue about the history of Vampire Queen Celestine from Niccolo Machiavelli’s tomb. La Artista was on a mission for Safe Travels to secure a secret scroll written by Dante. The scroll was rumored to be hidden within Dante’s funerary monument within the church. 

Vin detected her presence in the church while utilizing his Cosmic Awareness. Believing her to be Spatium, who believed Vin to be a traitor, he prepared to ambush her from the church shadows. He was shocked to find a human female. The two had a brief, but intense battle, which was interrupted by Spatium, whose intent was to destroy Ambush Vin. Believing La Artista to be a human ally of Vin, he attacked them both. 

Surprisingly, La Artista stood her ground against Spatium, although the duo was severely outmatched by the Piereus. Suddenly, a Black Gateway opened, and Orcus appeared. As Orcus battled Spatium, Vin used the diversion to open a wormhole to the Time Dimension. Spatium yelled out a threat to Vin, but was knocked back by an energy blast from La Artista. She stood frozen in disbelief. It was her first time creating a concentrated energy beam using her powers. Vin grabbed her arm and tossed her through the wormhole, as Orcus and Spatium continued to battle.  

Realizing that he would need additional reinforcements in order to wage a war on two fronts, Vin and La Artista decided to create a team consisting of humans known as The Dilligent and other allies. This team would become to be known as the P.O.T. Squad. 

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