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Hexen Arcane (Morgana and Celestia) are the last two surviving witches of a powerful ancient coven covertly created by Moloch during The Age of Shadows. They are both Dilligent, and together possess faculty-of-sight to harness all ten of the Chyda Dimensions. Along with their heightened awareness, they also can draw power from Moloch, as well as his demons trapped in Tartarus. They are only loyal to Molach, and see Vindictus as their principal enemy.

He appeared as an Apparition to a woman named Eve, and manipulated her into allowing him to attach himself to her soul. Moloch usurped Eve’s soul, using a technique known as Soul Absorbment, and became the first Archangel to manifest into human form. 

Eve began to perform wonders around her village, such as healing the sick, creating rain, and raising the dead. The villagers began to follow and worship her as a God. In turn, she conquered all of the surrounding villages and absorbed their souls into Moloch’s. She began to teach her followers her techniques, and soon had an entire army of soul absorbers. Moloch realized that he could harness even more power by creating his own Soul Network, and using Eve’s usurped soul as an anchor so Vindictus couldn’t detect his treachery. 

This Soul Network became known as Bis Obumbratio, Earth-Prime’s only true witches’ coven. Their mission was to deliver all of the souls of Earth to Moloch, so that he could initiate Armageddon.

After conquering the last village on their archipelago’s largest island, Eve realized that two children remained alive after the coven’s Soul Absorbment ritual. She repeated the ritual on the two young girls, only to find that the children’s souls were not in their body. Moloch immediately recognized that the two girl’s were Diligent. In their fear, they had sent their souls to another dimension that one, or both, of them were able to see due to Infinite Accessibility

Eve realized that these two girls would be more useful to her alive, so she spared their lives and raised them in Bis Obumbratio. Their names were Morgana and Celestia. The witches and warlocks of the coven believed that they were practicing Mystic Arts. However, Eve showed them Moloch’s true form, and told them the truth about his mission to destroy Vindictus and rule Existence. The sisters became High Sorceresses of the coven, and together, they were the most powerful force within Bis Obumbratio, with the exception of Eve.

After thousands of years, Vindictus realized that his Soul Network should have been much larger. The humans were killing each other at an alarming pace. As the humans died, his power became stagnant. There was more murder than reproduction, which meant that new souls weren’t being created. After calling Michael to Dux-Prime to explain, Vindictus ordered the him to bring Moloch to him immediately. However, Moloch refused. He knew Vindictus wouldn’t come to Earth-Prime, therefore Moloch believed himself to be safe from Vindictus’ wrath.

It was during this time that Moloch separated himself from Eve's soul. Michael was closing in, and Moloch needed Morgana and Celestia to survive in order to defeat Vindictus. He knew that it was imperative that they weren't discovered. Meanwhile, Morgana and Celestia knew that Moloch no longer possessed Eve, however, Eve continued to portray the illusion of Sorceress Superius. The sister's knew that if they controlled the coven, that they would also control Moloch's Soul Network. They plotted to overthrow her, and killed her by poisoning a ritual goblet during a Harvest Ceremony. Moloch approved their power play, because he knew the sisters were loyal to him. The sister's finally controlled the coven.

Vindictus sent his soul to Earth-Prime to capture Moloch. Without control of his Soul Network, Moloch was no match for Vindictus’ soul. He was easily captured, and taken to Dux-Prime. Vindictus ordered the remaining Archangels to bring Moloch’s followers to his throne world. Vindictus banished Moloch and his followers to a pocket dimension called Tartarus (Hell). His loyal followers became to be known as demons to the human race. However, due to the sister's access to all ten Chyda Dimensions, they were able to escape the Archangels by transporting their souls to the Astral Plane.

The sisters were able to secretly communicate with Molach, as well as harness the power of the coven's Soul Network by using Infinite Accessibility. Moloch instructed them to continue to gather souls in preparation for Armageddon. They rebranded themselves as Hexen Arcane in order to avoid being associated with Bis Obumbratio. The witches continued to operate in the shadows for thousands of years, while adding billions of souls to Moloch's Soul Network.

Vindictus began his cold war on Existence in 2015 EPY. His complex plan required his minions to be present across millions of fronts simultaneously. Realizing that the remaining Archangels and the Mastigi army had their hands full, he reluctantly released Moloch and his demon army from their imprisonment. However, after Ambush Vin trapped Vindictus in the Chaos Dimension, Moloch took advantage of the opportunity by commanding Hexen Arcane to release the full power and wrath of his Soul Network on Earth-Prime at the end of the Slasher Musik Saga.