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Domine Sicarius is the Grim Reaper, as well as a member of the P.O.T. (Protectors of Time) Squad.

Before Orcus died, he used his Electromagnetic Transfer technique to share the true importance of being the Grim Reaper with Ambush Vin. This epiphany showed Vin why the Perlecti were imperative to the continuity of Time. However, with the exception of Celestine, all of the Perlecti were dead.

After the Slasher Musik Saga, Vin and Celestine began to groom Domine to fulfill the duties of the Perlecti and the Grim Reaper.   

Domine's faculty-of-sight includes:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Depth
  • Length
  • Width

Additionally, she inherited Orcus’ Prime Awareness after his death.


Domine Sicarius was born Grace Braxton in a small town located in the state of Washington, U.S.A. She learned that she had a photogenic memory at age eight, after a robber snatched a fifty-dollar bill from her hands during a shopping trip with her mother. The robber took off running and disappeared into the plaza crowd.  

While they were making a police report of the incident, a call alerted  the responding officer that a man matching the robber’s description had been caught. The officer whisked Grace and her Mom to the police station to identify the robber, which Grace did from a line-up. However, just as the police prepared to transfer the suspect to the county jail, his lawyer arrived and demanded to see any evidence that proved his client was the perpetrator. 

Without any evidence or camera footage, the police were forced to drop the charges. But, they were able to keep the suspect for a seventy-two hour “probable cause” hold, because Grace identified him in the suspect lineup. While detectives attempted to gather evidence, Grace asked the responding officer if the suspect had the fifty-dollar bill that he stole from her in his possession. The officer informed her that the police confiscated the suspect’s possessions, however, they were unable to prove that the fifty-dollar bill belonged to her. 

The officer was stunned when Grace wrote down the serial number printed on the bill. He was even more shocked when it matched the number on the sole fifty-dollar bill that the suspect had in his possession at the time of his arrest. Thanks to Grace, the suspect was charged with theft. 

Grace excelled in school until her parents divorced when she was in the ninth grade. Her mother was forced to work two jobs to support the household, which also included Grace’s older sister. Money became sparse, which became motivation for Grace to turn to a life of crime. She began to steal local vehicles, selling them to local chop shops in exchange for money. 

It was during one of these exchanges that she met John Brand, a tech-savvy criminal mastermind who would also join the P.O.T. Squad as Letalis Spiritu. John’s creative tech, combined with Grace’s abilities would create a criminal duo like the state of Washington had never seen before. 

At the age of seventeen, John and Grace pulled off the largest bank heist in Washington history. Taking advantage of her photogenic memory, she learned the patterns of the bank manager and security officers. The bank vault was secured by a simple time-lock, which had a 29-digit passcode that changed daily. Grace sat at an outdoor cafe across the street from the bank, equipped with a pair of telescopic contact lenses created by James. 

She watched as the bank manager entered the vault’s passcode, and committed it to memory. Later that day, while donning masks, Grace and John walked into the bank holding a woman hostage. They announced that if anyone hit the panic button, they would execute the hostage. While John watched the crowd, Grace walked to the vault, inputted the passcode, and walked in. 

The duo escaped with more than seven hundred thousand dollars from the bank heist. John used the proceeds to create a private security firm called Genus. Within 5 years, Genus led the tech industry with its encryption technology, which John modeled after Grace’s photogenic memory. They secured contracts with the world’s largest companies, including Safe Travels. 

After analyzing the Deus Infero’s list of The Dilligent, La Artista recruited Grace and John for the P.O.T. Squad. Having worked with Genus on multiple occasions, she was familiar with both of them.  

After arriving to the Time Dimension for the first time, Grace met Malus Asinae. She excitedly said, “I'd do anything to have your fighting skills, Malus!” 

Ambush Vin responded, “What if I told you that you could learn them in less than five minutes? What if I could make you just as skilled as Malus? With your faculty-of-sight, you would make the perfect Cosmic assassin…” 

Grace and Malus entered two separate Deus Infero pods. 90-seconds later, Grace had the same skill set that had taken Malus half of her life to master. Ambush Vin branded her as the P.O.T. Squad’s Cosmic Assassin, giving her the name Domine Sicarius, 

Battle with OrcusEdit

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