Bella Dictus is a member of the P.O.T. Squad and the daughter of Vindictus, the main antagonist of Sci-Fi Music.


She is extraordinarily powerful, though not as powerful as her evil father. Bella was born with Cosmic Awareness, and also possesses a Malus-level faculty-of-sight. However, her true power lies within her unique psionic abilities.

History Edit

Bella is the daughter and only naturally-born human child of Vindictus and Luna. Her mother, Luna, was created & incubated inside of Vindictus’ Demi-Mold.

Bella was raised and trained on Dux-Prime, a planet that existed in its own dimension in between Time and Space. As a child, she was subjected to extreme training in the Cosmic Arts by Vindictus. By the time she was 10 years old, Bella’s instructors refused to spar with her, due to her phenomenal skill level...and her tendency to murder the instructors that she deemed to be “weak.” At this point, Bella only trained with Vindictus.

Bella inadvertently unlocked her psionic powers during her first training session in Finus Terminus. Vindictus chose to train her in the cerefex-rich cosmic boundary, because he knew that she would have to rely on her natural talent and skills in order to survive. Unlike Mastigi, the parasitic   cerefex did not render Vindictus totally immobile. He couldn’t access his Cosmic Awareness, but using energy from his human soul (Soul Tranference), he could create a temporary barrier that protected his neurons’ receptors from the hungry cerefex. 

Vindictus intentionally withheld this information from Bella. He wanted her to see what it was like to be paralyzed by cerefex feeding on her energy.  As the duo began to spar, Bella was shocked when she discovered that she could not utilize her Cosmic Awareness. Vindictus began to taunt her, as a frustrated Bella fell immobile, a victim of the cerefex. Standing over her paralyzed body, he began to instruct her how to use Soul Transference. However, before he could finish his instructions, Bella stood to her feet, and delivered an uppercut to her father’s chin.

An astonished Vindictus stood to his feet, and barely dodged a barrage of supercharged particle beams. He was even more shocked to realize that the source of the beams’ energy was the cerefex themselves. Bella had used her psionic abilities for the first time. First, she telepathically manipulated the cerefex into believing that she was one of them. She then used her telekinesis to redirect a barely-noticeable amount of light-energy from Vindictus’ Soul Transference, which she used to create a particle-beam container. Finally, she manipulated the electricity that the cerefex had siphoned from her neurons and created dozens of ionic-particle beams. 

Vindictus realized that, after billions of years, he finally had the means to exact his revenge on the Piereus Council...his own daughter. He began to train her for the mission that would ultimately lead to the compromise of the Emorti Dimension, and the release of its Mastigi prisoners.

Powers Edit

Along with a Malus-level faculty-of-sight, Bella’s extraordinary psionic powers include:

  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Soul Realignment 
  • Astral Decimation
  • Psychokinesis
  • Psychometabolism
  • Psychoportation
  • Pyrokinesis

However, Bella cannot utilize her psionic powers while accessing her Cosmic Awareness, and vice-versa. This flaw is the sole reason that she could never defeat Vindictus.  

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